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About Us

The members of The Heartlight Community share the belief that we are all here for one purpose -- to awaken to the truth of our divinity.

The path of awakening takes many forms, and each individual's experience is unique. Still, this is a journey we must all take together in a consciousness of our oneness with each other and with all of creation.

We believe in spirituality, not "religion," and that a community such as ours exists not only to serve the needs of its members, but to be of service to the greater community. 

Our Minister

Rev. Lauren Maddison, after serving for over two years as the minister of a New Thought church in Santa Ana, has been in service as the senior minister/spiritual leader of The Heartlight Community since 2009. She is a minister who truly 'walks the talk' -- loving, compassionate, and always authentic. Her message is delivered straight from the heart, and draws from the wisdom of many different spiritual paths.


Whether conducting Sunday services, teaching weekly classes, officiating at weddings, memorial services, or baptisms, providing spiritual direction to individuals, or performing pastoral care duties, Rev. Lauren approaches every moment as an opportunity to help all people awaken to their true selves.

Original portrait by artist Frank Tauriello                            

Our Founding Members

Lynn Aldis, Russell Burns, Rich Cowles, Virginia Baker,Debra Baker Cullen, Rachel Cullen, Janet Elinsky, Susan R. Golden, Kathie Gonzalez, Sherry and Sunny Hoss, Joan and Ron Jones, Paula Mercado, Eunice Messner, Shirley Morgan, Jackie Rupp, Tom Rupp, Sandra Satterwhite, Joe Schwallie, Ralph Smith, June Solow, Polina and Bryan Souza, Audray Swirck, Frank Tauriello, Jean Wilman

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