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Our Spiritual Principles


Our church's philosophy is in alignment with New Thought, under which encompasses organizations such as Centers for Spiritual Living (formerly Church of Religious Science4), Unity Church, and many other independent spiritual centers like Agape in Los Angeles.


If you are looking for a community near you, be sure to visit the Affiliated New Thought Network website at

These are some of the most vital core principles of our path stated as affirmations that support our community's continuing spiritual evolution.


I know how to love deeply and unconditionally. Thus I accept myself, and all that is part of this Infinite creation, without judgment. I continually align my thoughts with Divine Love. I am fully, consciously committed to choices that express the Love that I AM, and the Joy that I feel.


I value my freedom and that of all others. I have released the desire to manage, control, and manipulate life and the people who share it with me. I exercise conscious, loving choice, and I honor the Divine gift of spiritual, emotional, and personal freedom by making wise and conscious choices.


Infinite Life
My Life is Infinite and through me flows the source of all good. I AM the expression of that good; I never need to 'go it alone,' because I am always inseparable from the Oneness of pure Spirit. The Life that I AM is an inexhaustible, infinite flow of pure creative energy. 


My faith in goodness, Life, and Love eliminates all human ego fears. I recognize myself as the presence of God individualized. I have the courage to accept and express my God self in every choice I make because I have Faith that when I turn within, the answers to my questions are freely available to me.


 am free to acquire knowledge, free to seek, to ask, to knock and let new doors open to me. I release what has been and allow what can be to unfold. I am completely open to the knowledge of who I AM, and know that I am able to fully express it.


I have released sham and pretense. My intention is to be an authentic expression of God by ensuring that everything that I do, say, and think expresses the Divine in me. Since action speaks louder than words and theories, I consciously live the principles of my path so that all may know who I truly am.


I am open. I am willing to listen and learn. I recognize that there is an awesome power for good in the universe that is working through me insofar as I allow It to. I align my thoughts and choices with that power; I use it to create more love, more beauty, in all that I think, say, and do.


I believe that all people are equal and connected within the field of Life. Part of my spiritual journey is to identify ways in which I can stand on common ground with those who seem unlike me, with those who may not share my beliefs. I treat others as I would wish to be treated.


I am the instrument of transformation of myself and the world as I grow in awareness, mature in my understanding, and fulfill my soul's mission: these are what move me to conscious, loving action.
I AM inspired!


I understand that truth is not an ultimate destination, but rather a compass for my journey through life, and it is the journey itself that matters most. Going within, I make choices that fully resonate with my true Self. I ask “what would love do now?” Human truth may shift and alter, but spiritual Truth is a constant in the universe.


My purpose in this lifetime is to fully awaken to the omnipresence of Spirit, to know that I am the creator of my experience. I fully appreciate my role in the grand design of life, and I take responsibility for how I show up in the world. I am fully present in every moment, and I am the change I want to see in the world.

Be Inspired
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